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Detail & Delivery Process

While the vehicle is being reassembled by a body tech, the detail process begins. This is the part where any imperfections in the paint (such as dirt, orange peel effect, runs, drips etc.) are removed by sanding the panel down carefully. 


Once the panel(s) are sanded down and smooth, the detail tech begins polishing with several pads and several types of rubbing compounds and polishes with an electric buffer. 

After the polishing is complete, a coat of wax is applied to all panels that were painted and polished. This gives a protective coating to the paint the keeps the paint shiny and helps it last longer through the elements.


The vehicle is now ready to be cleaned and washed. The detail tech will then take the vehicle to one of our wash bays located off-site. The vehicle is washed, dryed, and vacuumed to ensure that nothing of our repairs is left behind in the vehicle. The vehicle is now ready to deliver!

Once the detail process is complete, the delivery process begins. At this time, the customer will be informed that their vehicle is ready for pickup. The customer can drop off their rental vehicle at our shop (if they had one) to make things more convenient.


The customer will then be given their final bill/warranty, and the customer will then pay (if anything is owed). The rental car company will be contacted that our customer has dropped of their rental car, and the customer will take a look at their newly repaired vehicle!

If the customer is satisfied, they will receive their keys and they will be on their way will a freshly repaired and clean vehicle! Everything else is handled on our end, and the repair process is complete!

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