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Starting in 1955: Parker Robb Collision Center, also known as Parker Robb Body Shop, was originally part of Parker Robb Chevrolet, a full-service Chevrolet Dealership.  Our main focus was Chevys, but when the Robb family acquired Walnut Creek Honda we added a Honda specialty. 


In the early 2000s, the Chevy franchise was sold to the Stead company, but our body shop retained the Parker Robb name.  


Although the owners of Walnut Creek Honda and Oakland Acura are in charge, Parker Robb Collision Center still works on all makes and models (not just Honda and Acura cars). We plan to keep the legacy running!

Parker-Robb Body Shop has been serving the Bay Area since 1955. Automotive body and paint: no matter which make or model you own, we can fix it!

Check out our "AFFILIATES" section to learn more about how we integrate workloads with Walnut Creek Honda and Oakland Acura to bring the Bay Area's vehicles the best service possible with the least amount of hassle possible for the vehicle's owners.


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