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Inspection & Estimate Process


To get started, you can bring or have your car towed to our shop, or you can choose to use our Online Photo Estimate link to get an estimate without bringing your car in.  


One of our estimators will determine if there is anything needed to work with any insurance company if necessary. Then the estimator will create a hand-written estimate with all of the information about the damage.

If needed, the estimator will need to take photos of the damage and measurement photos for an insurance company if the insurance company requires it.


The estimator will then take all of the information from the hand-written estimate and generate a computer-written estimate. They will also communicate with the insurance company if needed.

Once finished, the estimator will review the dollar amounts and cover what is going to be worked on. They will also review the insurance information to make sure it is all correct. 


Once the review of the preliminary estimate is through, this is the part where arrangements are made for a drop-off date, and also arrangements are made for a rental car/shuttle ride. Both the shuttle and rental car companies will pick you up directly from the shop.

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